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Down the AtlasCode rabbit hole - debugging Atlassian VS Code extension
·6763 words·32 mins
vscode jira atlassian npm javascript reverse-engineering

Everyone knows Jira, an Atlassian product where you work with tickets (issues). They have a handy extension to VS Code that (among other things, including Bitbucket support) lets you view tickets inside code editor and have a preview of them, when you hover issue ID in code. However, for quite some time that official extension does not work with managed Jira instances in random places, especially with ticket previews. Stubborn as always, I went on a quest to identify what’s going on and found a plethora of issues in multiple projects; however, the culprits are typical ones - lazy changelog keeping, improper testing, chained bugs and reliance on Open-Source community.


Prosty slider
·436 words·3 mins css html javascript webdev
Znalezienie prostego (czyli nie wymagającego includowania tony pluginów do jQuery i pisania konfigu na kiladziesiąt linii) slidera w HTML proste nie jest. Dlatego napisałem własny - sflider (od oryginalnego projektu - sflider - SFI slider).