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Daniel Skowroński

Daniel Skowroński

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Debugging tale of HTTP/1.0 healthcheck
·1745 words·9 mins
debugging http proxy load ballancer networking netcat

Time for a short tale about an interesting debugging challenge I had recently. Programming issue itself was not the hardest or most involving of all time, probably not even of this year for me, but the mixture of circumstances and debugging techniques used makes it worth telling.

Obviously, many details will be skipped, but I can mention some common components used. But keep in mind that’s a real-world scenario, so the initial environment could definitely be better.

Hello, PHP-free world
·514 words·3 mins
All my websites (, and that replaces are PHP-free. They are based on Hugo and hosted on S3 with only dynamic content being rewrite done by CloudFlare worker scripts.
Hacking into TP-Link Archer C6 – shell access without physical disassembly
·2445 words·12 mins
hacking linux linux embedded lua mips router security squashfs ssh

This story begins with simple need - ability to programmatically obtain all devices connected to my Wi-Fi router - TP-Link Archer C6. None of the existing libraries support this version of Web UI. The issue with the simplest solution (just flashing OpenWRT) - I rely on proprietary OneMesh technology, which enables better home mesh-networking. So, some hacking needed to be done.